from rotoworld scout josh norris:

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Dwayne Allen (grade 6.1):

Gets proper distance in terms of length/separation when blocking, separates but in control. Shoulders over toes, low and puts facemask on chest when blocking. Aims for outside shoulder when sealing the edge, keeps turning if DE shoots inside. Effective from Joker spot, first few steps have burst. Positions body in catchable area even with DB draped over him. Used on punt team, consistently 3rd downfield after gunners. Plays plenty of inline but also move/Joker role, slot, in backfield. Gets open with crispness at the top of routes, balanced base. Has more than enough speed to challenge DBs downfield. Very soft hands, like pillows (in a good way) that envelop the ball, comfortable. Just so fluid in breaking routes, one step with inside foot then out. Unafraid when going up to get the ball, high point and firm catch. Subtle head movements sell routes, adjusts to poor throws in air. Actually a worse blocker from H-Back role, occasionally struggles to locate target. Tracks very well over his shoulder, tremendously fluid. Not sure if he is quick twitch, graceful. Sells blocking then releases with slap by for dump pass very well. Adequate after the catch, not a burner but subtle movements, low posture. Only overwhelmed in blocking vs strong upper body, base is still composed. Just lacks some anticipation on blocking, which causes hesitation. Lowers his center on breaking routes, does not lose momentum.
Coby Fleener (6.0):
More Greg Olsen than Gronkowski. Consistent vertical threat that gets downfield quickly. Thin frame and shows when getting out physical at catch point by smaller DBs. Consistently gets bumped off his route by physical LBs. Can really turn and run upfield after the catch. Does use push off against trailing safeties, catch back shoulder on crossing routes. Overextends when blocking too often when inline, can certainly be fixed. Matches up very well vs slower LBs, bigger/physical DBs give him more problems, like Robert Blanton. Doesn't latch on when blocking, punches and readjusts. Agile in his routes but not outstandingly so. Haven't seen him battled at the line or ont he release very often. Makes tough catches on good throws. Are hesitations in routes for timing purposes or lack of agility/nimbleness? Hands get too wide when blocking, should be called for more holds. First contact when blocking can be elbows and forearms. A fantastic burst after the catch, breaks away but shows he doesn't run routes at full speed. I think Stanford's multiple TE sets took pressure/coverage off of him. Many catches were wide open and not because of route running, other TEs took the contact in the box. Struggles with balls closer to the ground. More finesse than physical
he makes a really good argument for allen over fleener