[quote user="giantsfan420"]dont get me wrong tho, i'd rather a WR or Fleener, but if there isnt one of those worth it at 32, i'd be stoked with Martin.

He is also a Jr. and can add a lil more bulk...

i def. would rather an OL before a RB in rd 1 tho...[/quote]I might not like Martin but if we do choose him, I'll give him my support and hope he works out.

I don't think WR happens in round 1 unless we get an absolute steal. The draft is extremely deep and Reese will probably look at the position in rounds 2-4.

Fleener would be a cool pick but I think the Broncos or 49ers are realistic destinations for him and one has to wonder if the Colts would love to pair him with Luck.

I originally had Still as my 1st round choice but due to Cox's pass rushing ability and Poe's freakish physical skillset, I can see Brockers possibly dropping down to us like Prince did last year.