[quote user="JJC7301"][quote user="giantsfan420"][quote user="JJC7301"][quote user="slipknottin"]Thing that concerns me with Martin is the same as with beatty, if he isnt a great pass protector, can either move to RT and be a good run blocker? Im not convinced. Im not real sure OT is that much of a need anyway, Beatty I would assume is the starting LT, and there is a three way battle for RT with Diehl, Locklear and Brewer. Guard I would argue is more of a need, where Snee has not played as well, and Im not convinced that either Boothe or Petrus are quality starters.[/quote]
I'm not enthralled with Martin in the 1st round. I'll take the RB Doug Martin, but not Jon Martin.[/quote]

doug martin aint gonna do much if we dont have a good line to block for him...

for me, in order of what id likebased on who will be available around our pick)
chandler jones
john martin
nick perry (he can rush off the edge, so if we trade osi, i'd want him and then spend the 2nd on whoever is still left in order of this)
doug martin[/quote]
In my mind Doug Martin is the BPA available at # 32.[/quote]
I dont really see how you can say that without knowing who has been picked in the 31 spots ahead of us.