1.J. Martin – OT – Stanford – BPA at our most needed position. Our OL was shaky all year and injury riddled. Get a young Solid OL like Martin at the #32 spot is a steal.

2.D. Allen – TE – Clemson – I think Bennett is going to be a beat but I still think we need another one there. Allen is the type of TE the NYG love. He’s a big bodied bull who can block but also has good athleticism and playmaking ability up the seam. If Eli made K. Boss and J. Ballard look good then imagine what he’ll do with a Allen & Bennett combo.

3.R. Turbin – RB – Utah State – Big Bulldozer style running back to offset AB. Can carry the load and drive the pile. Is a solid Blocker in Pass Protection and is capable out of the backfield. Reminds me of an upgraded D. Ward from a few years back.

4.T. Streeter – WR – Miami - WR – Miami (FL) – 6’5’’ 220lb WR running a 4.4 40yrd dash. Must I say more. This kid has so much up side its not even funny. At the 3rd spot he will have so much room to use his athleticism and size. Cruz and Nicks get all the coverage Streeter could be the Teams Offensive ROY.

4. J. Bequette – DE – Arkansas – Big powerful athlete with raw ability. I see DE as a big concern weather the NYG trade Osi or not. Kiwi and Osi are in the last year of their contacts. Bequette can learn behind the best D-line in the league and can be a better Tolly-like-Rotational DE

6. R. Blanton – CB – Notre Dame - Our DBs were rattled with injury last year. JR secured a lot of DB via RFA and UFA but a little depth never hurt and us always usefull.

7.Duke Ihenacho – SS – SJSU - Good player. Started as a True Freshman at SS then switched to LB and became an All-Wac. Big Solid tackling machine. Also, has underrated ball skills. Had 5 interceptions as a LB one year. Could end up playing the hybrid S/LB position Grant used to occupy. My BIG SLEEPER PLAYER