I'm not bashing any of our TE's, but none of them have that speed down field like Shockey did. I remember the game Shockey ran over someone in the secondary in the Hall of Fame game. Shockey was one of my favorites, but I feel like we're back to the old Howard Cross era where we have TE's who can block, but have no speed or ability to break tackles or juke.

Most mocks I've seen have us picking Fleener, which I don't mind, but then some say the Texans will get him. Not like it's a reach, as they're only a few slots in front of us and we could probably work a trade.

I really don't see the point in getting an OL or a DE like some of the other mocks have us getting. If we really get a DE in the first round, I'll be pissed. You don't need to get a DE in the first round when the D-line is one of the one of the most deepest positions in this draft this year. Get someone in a later round who can be used to alternate at the DE position.

Like I said though, I think TE is the biggest position that needs to be looked at. I don't think this year we need to just pick who is the best player at that spot. Osi obviously doesn't want to be a Giant, and no one has made any contract talks, so possibly trade him to make sure we get a TE, maybe even Martin in the second round. Martin reminds me a lot of Bradshaw though.

Who do you guys hope we pick in the first round? Just one, don't give a list of five.