[quote user="flimflam"]Believe it or not, we are thin at DT. Austin is basically a rusty rookie, and we have Canty and Joseph. Oh, and a old Shaun Rogers. We live on controlling the line of scrimmage. I think JR might go Devon Still from Penn State or Jerrel Worthy from Mich State. I would like both picks. The rest of our D takes its cue from our D line. A beast DT would be a wonderful pick with Kuechly and Hightower off of the board.[/quote] i have said for awhile now that i thought Jerel Worthy would be our pick, but then we signed Rodgers, so i thought that would change things.. U might be right.. I really think reese will covet worthy alot... But, i'm gonn say Oline , becasue of Rodgers signing..