[quote user="giantsfan420"][quote user="Drez"][quote user="giantsfan420"][quote user="Drez"][quote user="giantsfan420"]dallas and philly have a ton of talent in the defensive backfield.

cowboys have 3 good corners although i believe claiborne is overrated.

but we need to get a WR and a damn good one.[/quote]Aren't you going to at least wait until tomorrow to overreact?

lmfao. i think thats a first.

and how is me stating reality overreacting again? did i go "oh we're screwed we wont win any games" or any version of that?

or did i say "we need to get a wr now"??

couldnt u wait until tmrrw before u started acting like a duche bag for talking about football? silly me.

and, we need to get a wr.[/quote]
We already have 2 top shelf WR. We just need a reliable 3rd. To say that we need a top shelf 3rd is overstating things, or in other words, overreacting, much like you did when Smith signed with Philly.


wtf r u talking about now? im sorry for having a diff. opinion than you. u sure overreact when someone doesnt think like u do...SMH at anyone who feels me going "we need to get a wr" is some sort of criminal act...

drez-ummm ur last post is exactly correct. I THINK WE NEED A WR...if JR doesnt good i trust him.


wtf is wrong with me!

smfh at some people, ridiculous...u dont agree, cool. no need to start acting like my opinion is some sort of crime my god...[/quote]
Typical overreaction by you. I think the herb has given you a permanent sense of paranoia.

How has Philly's secondary gotten better? In fact, theirs just took a hit in losing Samuel.

Again. We have TWO top shelf WRs. We just need a reliable third option that can create some production. That player may or may not currently be on our roster.

However, to get sand in your vag because Dallas now has 2 good corners (still crap safeties) and to say that we need to get another top shelf WR is overreacting when we already have two of the best WRs in the game.