[quote user="Tommy_Ribs"][quote user="Zaggs"][quote user="Tommy_Ribs"]33rd ranked Player on Mayock's board: http://www.nfl.com/draft/story/09000...P11_hot_topics

It's not a reach, it was a solid pick.

I would have loved Upshaw or Cordy Glenn or Jonathan Martin, but Wilson is a good RB, he'll help Eli and Bradshaw.

To show the fallacy of this point. Cordy Glenn was ranked 25th by Mayock, he's still on the board. Stephen Hill was ranked 32nd. He's still on the board. Vinny Curry was ranked 30th (not that we need another D-lineman) and is still available.

LOL, Fallacy?

We had the 32nd pick, and we used it on a guy ranked 33rd by an extremely respected draft expert.

So I think that this shows, using Mayock's ratings, the GIANTS did not reach on Wilson. He was picked where he was rated. he was not rated as a 3rd rounder. He was the 33rd ranked guy.

But he was also not a value nor solid pick.