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[quote user="lawl"][quote user="slipknottin"]Talking to Garafolo a bit, he says he was told Glenn was higher on their draft board, does not know if there were other players higher, Wilson was definately higher than Martin however. He says the giants thought if there was a run on HBs that guys like Pead, Polk, James, etc would all be gone before they picked in the 2nd. They clearly felt the talent drop off after the 2nd round at HB was rather substantial. Thought Wilson was substantially better than the other HBs remaining, so they pulled the trigger now, rather than missing out on a bunch of HBs they liked by the time their 2nd round pick came up. Makes sense from that aspect. So its a bit of a reach, but if there is a run on HBs and a bunch go second round, that may have been really their only choice.[/quote] This makes it much worse. Stick to your big board. We had a Guy rated higher that could potentiallyplay rt. A run on hbs is great for us. A higher rated Guy would most definitely fall to us in the 2nd round if this supposed run on HBs occurs.[/quote]

We all know that you hate drafting RB's high, but when is the first round that you think that a team should consider drafting a RB?

[/quote] If you have a great qb. You should just put random rbs on the team. More importantly just a Guy that can catch balls.teams with young qbs should be the ones that target rbs early to help his development. I wanted Demarco Murray and I wanted Taiwan Jones. Middle round rbs will provide uswith more than enough impact[/quote]

What do you consider "middle rounds" . . . . the third or later?

Would you ever spend a second rounder on a RB?