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And that great decision worked out so well for them huh?[/quote]

yes, because drafting a HB in the first was clearly the reason none of those teams repeated?[/quote]

most of those guys had injury problems, have injury problems now,or are handcuffing they're team with they're new salary or some combination these 3. They used a first round pick on a player for 4 years of his career(or less) instead of having used that on a more valuable position that would have provided them with a higher chance of having said player for a longer period of time.

Players drafted in the first round are supposed to be stalwarts for 8 yrs+. using that pick on a rb greatly reduces your chances of this happening. And on top of that it is a position of lesser value.[/quote]

But that doesn't matter because you sign a rookie for usually 4 years then you see if you can afford to sign them long term. Who's to say if we drafted Glenn that we would be able to afford him down the road anyway?[/quote]
a vast majority of the time, we resign our best players. [/quote]

I agree. We do try to resign our guys. The problem is, if you draft well, like we also tend to do, resigning all your good players becomes an near impossibility under the new system. Previously, restricted free agency to allowed you to match contracts or recieve draft picks for their being signed away from your team. Now, players just leave.

Furthermore, its about no longer having control. While we may want to resign all our good players, ultimately, the decision is up to the players now. Many players prefer to hit free agency and gamble on getting a skyhigh Al Davis , Jerry Jones or Dan Snyder contract offer in free agency. Franchise tag aside, we have no way of being assured of keeping our guys for longer than their rookie contracts. That loss of control was 1 of the major sticky points in the CBA talks last summer. The players won on that front and teams now have to adjust their strategy for the new NFL.

As far as Glenn goes, if he was higher on our board we would have selected him. I said pre draft he was the guy I wanted to drop to us. He did and we passed on him, as did a number of teams. I can only assume the GMs had info I did not. But, considering how he fell I think it is safe to say he was not higher.