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Ill start by addressing your talk of body type. [quote user="nycsportzfan"]and just look at all the best backs in the league, guys like Ray Rice, MJD, Foster, AP, Forte,Mike Turner, Steven Jackson..etc Almost all the best backs in the league are bigger then Wilson..[/quote]But, I will compare apples to apples, unlike you. You say Wilson will only be a tandem back and Martin wont. You based this on Wilson's combine weight of 206.

Here are some combine weights of some players, many of whom you brought up(and more). MJD wieghed 207 , Ray Rice weighed 199, LeSean McCoy weight 204. Barry Sanders 200lbs, Emitt Smith 206lbs

So, you have 3 of the top 5 leading rushers in the NFL last year who weight the same or less as Wilson at the combine and you have the 2 most productive rushers in NFL history who weighed less than Wilson coming out of college. Oh and lastly, Wilson's height /weight right now is identical to what Tiki's was during his prime, thought he too weighed much less coming out of college. But, I thank you for bringing up some of those players to help prove yourself incorrect. Oh , and Wilson is only 20 so he has time to add weight if needed just like all those other backs you brought up that backfired on you.

Now, onto your comments about the picks itself:

[quote user="nycsportzfan"][quote user="Redeyejedi"]Awful pick[/quote] I don't care for it either.. I'm almost certain we'd of taken Doug Martin now, if he were there...[/quote]

That gem was immediately after the pick. Im sure you must have some inside connection because no WAY would Reese's opinion vary from your's....

Here is your comment shortly after the 1st round pick which supports the hypocrisy I pointed out above about refering to analyst points when it helps you but not when it hurts you [quote user="nycsportzfan"] It takes a special RB to get into Mike Mayocks top 20 in my opinion[/quote]

Interestingly enough when it was our turn to pick Mayock said on TV " The Giants always go Value. So, maybe a guy like David Wilson." but, that means nothing to you.

Then when asked at our 63rd pick( and a couple picks before it) who was the absolute best value pick on the board at that time Mayock said "Rueben Randle" but your response to the pick was[quote user="nycsportzfan"]wow, this sucks...[/quote] Mayock's opinion doesnt matter to you anymore?

In fact, you also said just prior to the pick and after it ....[quote user="nycsportzfan"]I'd rather have Sanu then Randle..[/quote] Yet, Mayock had Sanu as a late 3rd rounder and Randle as a 2nd rounder.

So again, according to you, our draft after the 1st 2 rounds "sucks" because you didnt agree with it, not because it wasnt a good value pick, which Mayock said was the case as did Reese. nah, by then you got off the Mayock Bandwagon and went with Kiper because mayock's opinion doesnt agree with you anymore "[quote user="nycsportzfan"] Kiper says he(Randle) didn't see explosion.. Wow, bad shuttle, bad vertical... Hard to fall in love with him on tape.. Great! Love hereing all this great stuff.[/quote]

You quote whoever supports your opinion...... You think Kiper knows more than Reese??

So tell me again, how exactly did you trust in Reese? How did you not complain about our picks? Please tell me how you didnt say this mock was Reese "breaking his mold" based only on the fact that he didnt pick the guys you wanted. Seriously, i could dig up way more that thread is very deep. I never got to some of the other picks you didnt like.

So again, Im sorry we didnt pick your guys. Many of the picks we agreed on, like Allen. I thought he might be our 2nd round pick. But, I think I have said it many times before the draft. If I like someone and it turns out Reese doesnt, Ill be happy to go with his choice over mine. But, not you. Nah, you only like the picks we made that YOU predicted. You just complain and whine about it and commend all the teams that picked "your guys" as having had a good draft, even if they WAY overpaid for the pick(like the bucs did for Martin.) Then, when someone tries to show you a different view, you call them names or go on the attack.
[quote user="nycsportzfan"]What are u talking about? Your a complete idiot, dude.. Get lost, u buffon![/quote]
[quote user="nycsportzfan"]Stop drinking, dude.. [/quote]
[quote user="nycsportzfan"] Shut up, u freaing dweeb! [/quote]
[quote user="nycsportzfan"] Wow, you are seriously like a 4yr old.[/quote]

I think this says it all. There is no need to debate with you anymore. In fact, I dont even have to debate you because your own words contradict you left and right as the post above shows.

[/quote] First of all, u always post what u want, without all the facts.. In response to me calling that dude a bafoon, was because of the way he was responding to me, in many diffrent posts, like a child all most.. And the way he had spoke to many others as well.. I'm not gonna go get all the posts, but trust me he had it coming.. I never spoke to any body like that other then that immature kid... He deserved it.. He can't debate without being ridiculously immature if u don't agree.. I never and mean, NEVER, call any one anything unless there the instigator first.. So, that settles that..

2nd of, u bring up GEM? because i said, i didn't care for it eitehr?? WHOOOAAA!! HOLY COW! I'm just tearing down the draft, holy smokes!!!!(SARCASM)...LMAO! Get real, dude!!! Seriously, that wasen't me, who said "AWFUL PICK".. And there was quite a few others with remarks similar to that..

I'm still waiting for u to post where i said that by the way? U did say that i said that in a above post, right? I really don't see how saying "i don't care for it either", is the same as saying it was a horrible, or awful pick? Did u again, forget to post this part that i said?
I bet you did forget that, ey?? Keep spewing your garbage, my friend..Maybe u got mixed up with Redeyes or Lawl or one of the others that downed the pick like that, but u are sorely mistaken with me , my friend.. The only draft pick i truly didn't like was REUBEN RANDLE.. Wow, i'm such a draft trasher!!! I'll try and be a robot for you next yr, and not say my Opinion, which i did mention about 100times, that it was only my opinion.. Guess that didn't make it into your inquisitive posts either, ey? Its called a discussion, and i was saying what i felt about the paticular player, and actually, i had it on ESPN, and not NFL.COM, so i coulden't really tell what Mayock or anyone was saying about each individul pick, if thats OK with you?

I'm still wondering how me saying what Mel Kiper said about Reuben Randle, and me posting about not being excited about what he said, has anything to do with me bringing up mayocks opinon or anyones for that matter??? What are u talking about????LMAO!

"Either way, i can't wait to see Wilson get on the field, and i'm still very excited to have em, just not a back i was super high on, and the way the first rd played out, i thoguht there was better value..."

[/quote] Also, by saying it takes a special RB to be in Mayocks Top 20, all i'm saying is that it must be a Good RB, because he dosen't have a ton of RB's in this TOP 20 that often...LOL Whoa!! Again, sorry i'm such a basher or contradicter or whatever your trying to get at(Sarcasm)..

Did i say anything like " oh mayocks got em in his top 20, that means i like every one of his top 20 players no matter what"??? I could care less about Mayock or Kiper, as far as where or what they have going on, but we are on a Draft Thread if u haven't noticed, and if theres ever a time to discuss every and all things draft, then thats the time.. So, sure every now and again, i'll post something i happen to see or catches my eye, it certainly has nothing to do with anything to simply support my arguement.. I like players i like, and i have proof every which way and up and down on this very forum, to prove that.. So, if u want to take 2posts and contort em the way u want, then by all means, be my guest..
I fore one, could care less.. I still think Reuben Randle isn't gonna be squat, and i still am very intrigued by david wilson, and excited to see em on the field, and i still like the 2 OT picks, and i still think the value was terrible on Adrien Robinson, and I still think the Hosley pick was probably our best, all though i really do like the OT picks as well, and have flip flopped some trying to decide what picks i like the most, and i still have no clue who Kuhn is, and i still love the Janzen Jackson pickup..

So, if thats trashing the draft, or whatever the helll your getting at, then call me the Trash man!!!