I have been a Giants fan since 1962. With the exception of the home games being blacked out in NYC area back in the 60's and 70"s, I watched EVERY game. I have been in Florida since 1985 with Satelitte TV and the ability to watch the Giant games. I think I have missed only 3 games in the last 27 years.

This has been quite a season and I have celebrated this great Super Bowl win. However, I think those of us who have lives should return to those lives now. We can get a little hyped on these boards when it gets a bit closer to the draft.

The simple truth is that NY Giant players don't know who we are. If you or I dropped dead tomorrow it would have "ZERO" effect on the lives of Eli Manning, Plax, Snee, Toomer, Pierce and the rest. It wouldn't even change their day tomorrow.

So it's been a great year and I'm outa here till draft time.