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    David Wilson highlights! 4.3 speed, 1700 yards, 41" vertical, power and cutting ability!

    1709 rushing yards? No wonder why.... Look at his speed. Damnnn he is fast.


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    Re: David Wilson highlights!

    Love the attitude. AND speed!

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    Re: David Wilson highlights!

    Clocked at 4.37 in the 40 yard dash.

    In 2009, he was supposedly clocked at 4.29.

    Looking at the highlights and he even looks faster.

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    Re: David Wilson highlights!

    Yeah he looks that fast. Plus he gets downhill quickly. I'm excited.

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    Re: David Wilson highlights!

    I didn't want the Giants to go for a TE. I thought they would go for Gordy Glenn. I can't complain about this pick because the giants were ranked dead last in rushing, lost jacobs, don't trust the others outside of bradshaw and bradshaw has injury issues...... That is 4 strikes right there.

    Bradshaw has the power and Wilson has some power and blazing speed. And Wilson weighs nice 206lbs... Surprising because he runs so fast.... He can even take punts/kickoffs.

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    Re: David Wilson highlights!

    I love it we always draft BPA. So this was a good pick nobody saw TB picking David Martin maybe we had Wilson second behing Martin who knows. I love this pic this kid looks great love his attitude Coughlin fixed tiki fumblin problems pretty sure this kids problems will get fixed. Very good pick now we can focus on O line and TE and we set.

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    Re: David Wilson highlights!

    +1700 rushing yards, 4.3 blazing speed, power, insane cut ability, 206 pounds, 41 inch vertical?!....

    He looks like a powerful and super fast beast.

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