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Thread: All you need to know about David Wilson

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    Re: All you need to know about David Wilson

    [quote user="Breezely"]Is flipping a Giant prerequisite?????

    I like the pick. Marc Ross stated that they were holding their breaths that D Wilson would fall to them. That tells me that he is a Giant. This tells me that they thoroughly vetted the guy and decided that this is their man. The Giant personnel talk as though he was in their bullseye all night long.[/quote]

    Yea, seems like he was their guy all along.

    As for the flipping thing, we're developing the first football-by-day, ninjas-by-night, team in the NFL.

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    Re: All you need to know about David Wilson

    Thanks Breezely. He really seems very explosive, like Bradshaw, but faster. I was thinking they would go for Fleener, hoping for Oline but I really like this pick. And he really seems like a team first guy. Welcome to NY David! []

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    Re: All you need to know about David Wilson

    [quote user="TheEnigma"]Can Prince backflip as well? Maybe Reese is making an elite squad of ninjas...[/quote]

    Quote Originally Posted by PennState1 View Post
    In and around the end zone and on crucial plays, the ball should go to one of our 3 receivers and no one else if at all possible.

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