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    We'll Draft Best Avail OT Next

    Zebrie Sanders from Florida State.

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    Re: We'll Draft Best Avail OT Next

    Not convinced OT is that big a need. Think interior OL may be more important.

    Depth everywhere still important too.

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    Re: We'll Draft Best Avail OT Next

    That is just one guy I like, but I think whomever is the best available OL that is definately what we go with. After all, most of the guys can be shifted to suit whatever we pick up.

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    Re: We'll Draft Best Avail OT Next

    I'd rather get Allen and run a dominant 21/22 offensive scheme. Allen and Bennett on the edges are more than enough help to our OTs.

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    Re: We'll Draft Best Avail OT Next

    I would rather they not draft one player to help another, but rather a player than can handle his own. They'll likely grab a TE late for depth and call it good.

    A good line opens up the run and passing game. The Giants have good enough receivers to allow even an average TE to succeed in the offense.

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