But then I began scouring the interwebz for videos of David Wilson and after watching about two hours or so of highlights lowlights interviews and pregame speechs I've come to a few conclusions.
Elite balance.
Elite breakaway speed.
Very good vision.
Extremely hard to bring down.
Hits the hole hard.
Has one cut ability
Can return kicks.
Always fights for an extra inch.
Never gives up on plays.
Very professional.
Very productive.
And most importantly is a LEADER.

Runs a bit to upright at times
Doesn't use his blockers enough
Doesn't always have patience for the play to develop.
Tries to do to much at times can get a little east west happy.
Can he pass block didn't see him do it much in all the vids I watched

David was vt's team leader gave pre game speeches and fired up his teamates for the game. With Jacobs having that role in years past and him not being here anymore offensive leadership was desperately needed. David was also almost the whole offense for vt. The box was constantly stacked against vt and yet David still ran for 1700 yrds. That speaks volumes to me about what kind of back we just acquired. Yes he has the dreaded fumbling issue. But isn't that something that TC has corrected on tiki and Bradshaw, its not a stretch to believe he could do the same for David. At first I hated the pick I screamed at the TV and cursed Reese for passing on Glenn or one of the wr's but the more I watched of this kid the more I liked what I saw. Honestly it wouldn't shock me if Jr came out and said that Wilson was one of the 18 or so players he had a first round grade on.