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Thread: David Wilson Speech

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    David Wilson Speech


    I'm not even from the states but that has to pump you lol.

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    Re: David Wilson Speech

    [quote user="PRFan"]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J1bO123KOEM&feature=share%27%2C%29

    I'm not even from the states but that has to pump you lol.[/quote]
    LOL same here bro, I seen that vid before and loved his passion.
    " Success is never final, but failure can be " B.P.

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    Re: David Wilson Speech

    I think he can be good but there will be some growing pains. That first highlight scared the crap out of me since he won't be able to pull that off in the NFL. He needs to learn to not try so much in the backfield and just go down at times at the next level and also needs work on his pass protection. I'm warming up more to him though.

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