JPP had 4.5 sacks his first year in the league and 16.5 his second year in the league. I did some calculations to see if I could come up with a formula to determine how many sacks he would have a year from now on. I came up with the following formula:

JPP = (4 ^ x) + .5 where x = years in the league

(4^1) + .5 = 4.5
(4^2) + .5 = 16.5

According to this formula JPP should have 64.5 sacks this upcoming season (which shatters Strahan's record) and 256.5 sacks the following season. I can't wait. The Giants are going to be unstoppable. Teams are going to quadruple team JPP, meaning Tuck will be able to just walk right to the QB.

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