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    Heh,heh. I wonder.

    Is Reese ahead of the pack? Everyone is gearing up their defenses to stop the high powered passing attacks.
    Are we preparing to gear up a high powered running attack? It would be funny. A steady diet of speed out of the backfield in the persons of Scott and Wilson.

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    Re: Heh,heh. I wonder.

    i thought about this earlier..cant wait for the season to start!

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    Re: Heh,heh. I wonder.

    They have always been striving for a balanced offense. Nothing really new on this front. Hopefully we can get at least one good Olineman before it's over.

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    Re: Heh,heh. I wonder.

    I actually thought about that too, but if that is the case, we need to rebuild the Oline. They were horrible at run blocking last year.

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