OK. I am one that generally puts the blame on players. If they are just not good or don't play hard, there is not much a coach can do.

However, the problem is that the coaches should recognize that the current players are just not good enough to run their schemes.

On offense, the WRs are just plain not smart enough to grasp the concept of the scheme that KG is trying to run. It's just too complicated to for them to understand under the pressure of play. You can see it in Eli's eyes.
So KG is at fault for not seeing this and changing it. Doesn't matter if it's the greatest plan ever. If the players can't do it, you MUST change it.
And Eli should do the same. How in the world could he trust a throw to Randle when he knows 50% of the time Randle will do the opposite of what he expects? The 1st INT is example. Randle has probably been taught 1000 times, that when blitz comes, break the route short. Eli threw to that spot and Randle had gone past. Easy pick, as the defender knew exactly where Eli was going with the ball. Eli has to recognize this.

On D, same deal. The players are not good enough to execute the plan. PF blitz packages are like giving the O a free play. He doesn't seem to grasp that the players are incapable of getting a push up the middle no matter how many he sends. QBs salivate over the Giants blitz.
So, again..he needs to change the plan. He may believe his scheme is the greatest of all time, but if the players are incapable of doing it, the plan MUST change.

I think that the players at some point just need to play and the "genius" coordinators need to get heck out of the way! "Keep it simple stupid" kind of thing.

One of my longest rants ever..Oh well...