I am not thrilled with this pick at all. I wasn't thrilled with JPP though either, so, really it doesnt mean much.


Running backs are a dime a dozen. The only one I would of taken is Richardson. After that, it is too deep to get one in the first.

Im not saying Wilson will be bad or a bust by anymeans, but I feel we reached. I feel we were hoping Doug Martin was thereand the Bucs straight up smacked us in the nose by trading right in front of us and snagging him.

And I want to go on record and say that Courtney Upshaw is going to be a probowler for years to come. Watching this guy play, he could do it all. Rush the passer, play LB, ect. Reminds me of when DeMeco Ryans slipped. Upshaw will be better then Ryans, who won the DROY and has been to multiple probowls.

I would of rather taken someone to replace MM like Stephan Hill. It's a passing league now. We dont run the ball as much as we used to. And it netted us a 2nd SB in 4 years. Nicks and Cruz willnot both be resigned.

Our Oline was one of the worst for run blocking in the NFL. That isnt going to change much. Id almost rather we rebuild the Oline. Cordy Glenn, Konz, Adams...The trenches.

Anyway, I dont agree with the pick, but Reese is the man so I guess we will see what his game plan is. I guess I am just a little sour because the Bucs made us look bad too.