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    Quote Originally Posted by TheAnalyst View Post
    No. Wrong. Wilson can not truck people like Jacobs. Did you see him get that 1st TD? No way Wilson even sees that. Wilson would get knocked back and lose yards.
    Who needs to truck anyone when you can break through a gaping chasm for a long touchdown?

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    Quote Originally Posted by gumby74 View Post
    Not sure about that. I don't think anyone is questioning Wilson's open field ability. I'm questioning his ability to pick his spots to turn up and go. It seems like half the time he's running around like a chicken with its head cut off. He looks confused out there.
    Quote Originally Posted by slipknottin View Post
    I thought he was looking pretty good with that in preseason.

    But he hasent had blocking like Jacobs had, either.
    Yeah, but Jacobs comes in and stuff automatically opens up? Something isn't right. Alot of those runs Jacobs had for minimal yardage, I'll bet you Wilson tries to bounce it outside and ends up losing yardage instead. On some of Wilson's runs, he had creases to run through - small, but lanes none the less. He could have easily picked up a good 3 yards. But, instead he goes around it and gets stopped for 0 gain.

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    Quote Originally Posted by joemorrisforprez View Post
    I agree with both you guys.

    That's why it can't be some 5th or 6th round development project. It needs to be a high pick that can start as a rookie.....another guy like Pugh (1st) , or Snee (2nd). Beatty was a 2nd as well....and fortunately for him, when he was drafted (2009), the line was still in good shape. That luxury is gone.

    Reese gambled that some late round guys would eventually develop. Unfortunately, the veterans are starting to slide sharply, and guys like Petrus, Whimper, Mosley, Brewer, etc simply have not filled the ranks.

    I'm totally cool with rolling the dice with runningbacks, receivers, and other positions late in the draft. But that's not how you build the foundation.

    San Francisco went heavy on the OL in the early rounds of 2010, and tranformed from an 8-8 squad to an NFC powerhouse.
    All this about the OL is absolutely right. Honestly I think OL is the greatest concern we have on offense, and equaled only by LB overall (although if Beason continues to play well, now LB is less of a concern). Also, having an OL that can actually be road graders in the run game AND pass protect means we could do this stick in RB off the street thing and still get yardage.

    If we don't spend at least 2 early picks on OL (in the first 3 rounds), I will be disappointed to say the least. If we get a top 5 pick we should trade down for more picks too...

    I'm Commander Shepard, and this is my favorite team in the NFL.

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