David Wilson is not only the best RB in the draft contrary to public opinion, he arguably is the best offensive players in this draft.

Why? Because he single handily can dominate a football game. But the main reason is because he is a warrior of the first order. You don't find guys with this kind of heart and dedication .. it's rare and a men is measured by their heart. You combine that with exceptional natural ability (vision, speed, elusiveness, ability to block, catch the ball) and you are looking at a potentially one of the best backs in this league. The guy is ridiculously shifty, tough, and can catch the ball like a wide reciever. This is an OUTSTANDING number 1 pick.

Only drawback is ability to hold onto the football - which the Giants will correct.

Once this guy put on some more muscle mass I project him to be the most dangerous back in this league, hands down.