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You just stated that he had a tremendous amount of re-adjustment in his game to be effective in the NFL. Yet the Giants drafted him as their first pick. [/quote]
Just like every other player who comes into the league. Not finished products. All of them have to develop and improve to be successful.

According to Marc Ross different scouts had various opinions but when combined together, this kid is none like any other.
Ok? Im not sure what point you are making.

In either case - HE is the best RB in this draft and I will put money on it - just remember this 3 years from now....also, just curious - who do you think are better backs so that I can compare against as the seasons on go?
Well the giants had him as the #2 rated HB in the draft.... Thats not a knock on Wilson.[/quote]

According to B Papa on Sirius this AM, Wilson WAS their #1 rated RB and would have taken him even if Martin was there, so TB lost some picks by jumping ahead to get Martin. Take that for what it's worth, but he did say that. (I actually liked Martin a bit better and wanted OL...I was sure Konz was ours...OH Well)