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Thread: Patriots killed it

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    Re: Patriots killed it

    [quote user="King Sully"][quote user="slipknottin"]Still not sure where Hightower fits for them[/quote]

    i feel like he's kind of forced to play olb in there 3-4 and de when there in a 4-3, mayo and spikes are purely inside backers in my opinion.[/quote]

    This is my guess.

    Base 4-3 = Mayo at WLB, Spikes at MLB, Hightower at SLB

    Nickel = Mayo at WLB, Spikes at MLB, Hightower at DE

    3-4 Spikes and Mayo inside, Hightower at OLB.

    I think the patriots play a lot of 50 front too, and Hightower as the up LB actually fits really well there

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    Re: Patriots killed it

    [quote user="TheEnigma"]I'm starting to notice a trend in grading picks (not you specifically OP) that teams who grab two players in the 1st round always get praise even if they might of reached for a player like the Bucs did with Barron. Just something I noticed really.[/quote]

    For me, that had little to do with it. It was just that I would have wanted either of those guys and the fact that they got both makes me think they did well. If I only liked one of their 2 picks, then I wouldn't have thought they did well.

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    Re: Patriots killed it

    [quote user="Giants10Joe"]Hate to say it, but the Pats had a great first day. Chandler Jones. Dont'a Hightower. I would have loved have either of those guys wearing blue next season.

    Nah. On espn first take, the analysts weren't impressed with the picks. Skip Bayless didn't care for Chandler Jones and Mangini didn't care for Dont'a Hightower in Belichick's system. I think both of those players are overrated as well.

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    Re: Patriots killed it

    The Patriots will figure out a way to use these guys.

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