[quote user="nycsportzfan"][quote user="nevada11"][quote user="BlueSanta"]3rd longest arms of any Oline prospect in this draft.

[/quote] nice but still so raw[/quote] He was a 6th rd pick.. THats where u take the Raw kids.. THis kid was actually perdicted at one time to go in RD 3 by some.. We took a Raw TE who didn't produce in RD 4, and u were happy, but now we get a Project in RD 6 whos played pretty well in his league, and hes 'so raw"?[/quote]

Jaquian Williams was a "raw" 6th round pick last year.

NYC is right, this is where you get those "raw" upside guys. What this kid lacks are the things someone can potentially learn and develop(technique and bulk), what he has are the things you cant teach(size, athleticism and arm length.)