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Thread: Matt McCants

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    Matt McCants


    Played tuba in the band before taking up football his senior season in Alabama. As a true freshman in 2007, started 7-of-11 games at left tackle. Was academically ineligible in 08. Started all 24 games at left tackle in 2009 and 10. Made 11 starts at left tackle in 11, missing only the UCF game because of an illness.

    Looks the part tall with a lean, projectable frame, room for added bulk and vines for arms (big wingspan). Has length and stature to snare and control defenders. Steers rushers wide with ease. Can pop and recoil. Fluid straight-line movement shows in space. Climbs to the second level in two steps and pulls with explosion can lead through the hole and blow it out (see Southern Miss). Flashes some nasty. Has upside.

    Needs to bulk up and get stronger (short on finishing strength). Carries his hands low and too often lands high and wide of the target. Needs to learn to bend at the knees and play with a better base. Soft drive blocker. Average body control. Can be impatient lunges and whiffs. Struggles adjusting to counters and is slow to recover. Opens the gate and lets rushers cross his face. Inconsistent sustain. Short on instincts, intelligence and awareness. Slow eyes not alert to stunts and blitzes. Technique needs work.

    Left the band to join the football team and is physically talented, but raw, inconsistent and still growing into being a football player physically and mentally. Looks like a starting left tackle in flashes, but is a developmental project at this stage of his career. Is most ideally suited for a zone-slide protection scheme.
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    Re: Matt McCants

    His negatives out weight his positives. I doubt he will make the final roster.

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    Re: Matt McCants

    It's 6th round...prospects and practice squad. Gotta build for the future and the kid has a nice write up about his abilities.
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    Re: Matt McCants

    I get the feeling that he's going to
    have to have a huge pre-season to even make the Opening Day roster and
    he's a likely practice squad guy. TC
    typically goes with 9 OL and I feel like we've already reached that
    point. Beatty, Boothe, Baas, Snee, Diehl, Locklear, and Mosley are all
    locks. I don't see them giving up on Brewer after one year, so that's
    8. And Petrus played really well when he filled in last year, so that's

    Beyond that there's a slew of more versatile OL that are going to be competing for that last spot as well.

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    Re: Matt McCants

    He plays the tuba !!!

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    Re: Matt McCants

    my GOD at those negatives

    this kid is very raw! he will get killed in the nfl

    luckily we have the best oline coach in the league!!!!

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    Re: Matt McCants

    Those arms are very long, 3rd longest in the draft among Olinemen.

    He isnt a guy who will help this year, but if he "gets it" and if he bulks up a little he can work out for us very well.

    The upside is worth the pick.

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    Re: Matt McCants

    This is an old school pick. With the exception of a large injury string, there's no reason he should see the field for a year or two. It allows us to develop players the way they should be developed. Something tells me Flaherty probably gets his say on potential OL prospects so he must like this kids natural abilities.

    Thankfully, those negatives can be fixed for the most part.

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    Re: Matt McCants

    [quote user="TheEnigma"]Thankfully, those negatives can be fixed for the most part.[/quote]

    lmfao yeah!

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    Re: Matt McCants

    never make the 53. maybe he ends up on the practice squad

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