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Thread: Vontaze burfict

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    Vontaze burfict

    There is no reason at all why we don't explore him with our last pick. It's well worth the risk. This guy has a nasty streak to him. He would definitely be worth a disposable pick. Could be a home run.

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    Re: Vontaze burfict

    Prisons are filled with guys with nasty streaks.

    This guy is a terrible football player with a poor work ethic and attitude.

    Stop it with the stupid Burfict threads already.

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    Re: Vontaze burfict

    Hopefully they get him, just to piss you off.... Haha

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    Re: Vontaze burfict

    [quote user="Pa1jintfan"]Hopefully they get him, just to piss you off.... Haha[/quote]

    lol, well I hear you, but I don't think there's such a thing as a disposable pick. We got NFL quality players in the 7th round in the past.

    Especially with the salary cap the way it is (especially with us), drafted players are the only ones who are economical in the long run.

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    Re: Vontaze burfict

    Travis Lewis is still out there who was thought of one of the top college linebackers the 2 years ago. I'd rather him but Burfict would be an exciting pick at least

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    Re: Vontaze burfict

    How about Travis Lewis? Some around here talked him up in the 1st round before he didn't declare last draft...

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    Re: Vontaze burfict

    Why us? because his name was previously mentioned with the Giants? Why not any of the other teams in the league? get over it

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    Re: Vontaze burfict

    Why waste a pick?... If we really wanted him, we could always sign him as an undrafted FA... Not sayin' we should, but just sayin' we could.

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    Re: Vontaze burfict

    I'd rather have RoanokeFan play LBer for us than see Burfict come 50 miles near Giants property.

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    Re: Vontaze burfict

    I wouldn't mind drafting him in the 7th round. Most 7th round picks never make an impact in the league. If he does well, great. If not, who cares. I think some of you guys are treating a 7th round pick like it's a first round pick. LOL
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