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    Worst Draft in NY Giants History

    How can we be happy with this garbage? Rueben Randle is the only quality player that we drafted. I promise you that four of these guys will not even make the 53 man roster. Are we now drafting practice squad players? This is unbelieveable !!! We were led to believe that we were looking at guys like Coby Fleener, Donta Hightower or even George Iloka. We did not draft any of them. We took guys that we could have gotten as free agents after the draft. I am so disappointed.

    In Reese we trust is such crap !!!!

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    Re: Worst Draft in NY Giants History

    Troll attack! Ruuuuun!

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    Re: Worst Draft in NY Giants History

    Someone will bite, they always do.

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    Re: Worst Draft in NY Giants History

    Your post may be one of the worst post in Giants forums history too.

    You can never evaluate a draft until a good 2-3 years afterwards.

    What makes you such a great evaluator of football talent?

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    Re: Worst Draft in NY Giants History

    Well yeah, theres a strong chance the players drafted after hosley doesnt make the team. Its a possibility

    but you must be a new giant fan if you havent figured out this is the way the giants draft for a number of years now

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    Re: Worst Draft in NY Giants History

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    Re: Worst Draft in NY Giants History

    Vontaze, is that you?

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    Re: Worst Draft in NY Giants History

    I agree with the OP. None of these guys are starting material and we all know that you should be able to find quality starters at the later rounds.

    David Wilson is too patriotic. I question if he will just use the Giants for his American zealotry.

    Rueben Randle has no emotion. His facial expressions never change and he "hopes to make the team"? No confidence!

    Jayron Hosley smokes pot and he's too small to play the position.

    Who is this Robinson kid? He was never talked about much on Walter football or other sites so he has no chance.

    Mosley and McCants are way too raw to play on day 1 so they will probably just get cut on the way to practice.

    And don't even get me started on Kuhn. Does he even know what sport he is playing? This isn't European kickball kid...

    Worst draft ever!

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    Re: Worst Draft in NY Giants History

    Please get off Giants board dude you MORON!!

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    Re: Worst Draft in NY Giants History

    OMG disband the team and donate the trophies to the Eagles. Redact "Wellington Mara" from the NFL records.
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