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Thread: Signed UDFAs

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    Re: Signed UDFAs

    [quote user="Redeyejedi"][quote user="nycsportzfan"]David Douglas* had 65rec 666yd 4td, with best coming aganst Utah where he had 10rec 156yr 2td[/quote]U see Shump tore his ACL[/quote]

    Awful news.

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    Re: Signed UDFAs

    I havent heard about Beau Reliford. I wouldnt mind seeing him come in. He fits what we do here.

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    Re: Signed UDFAs

    Eagles killed it in this draft... and after.

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    Re: Signed UDFAs

    we signed Jamar Howard a WR out of central Missouri, he's like 6'4 220lbs. I looked at his highlights and he seems pretty legit, although he's obviously playing against much lesser competition.



    I think the bigger story is with this draft and the UDFA WR's we have signed we have been targeting bigger receivers which tells me Ramses Barden is officially on notice and better step it up.

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    Re: Signed UDFAs

    Its the 2nd time in 2 years that the a guy i thought could be the best C in the draft at the start of the year ends up undrafted

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    Re: Signed UDFAs

    [quote user="Redeyejedi"][quote user="nycsportzfan"][quote user="Redeyejedi"]Eagles signed Chris Polk and Cliff Harris[/quote] They are drafting like we usually do..[/quote]Yeah the Eagles did really well but the problem is their QB Is still Michael Vick[/quote]

    That and their DC has less experience on defense then the average armchair coach.
    I don't always root for the Cowboys but when I do I wear my pink Jessica Simpson edition Romo jersey. (yes I lost a bet)

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