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    Re: Adrian Robinson Video

    This kid really seems to have all the tools to be a disruption to any defense, and Eli has to be really excited about his potential. I have to say that having Pascoe, Bennett and this kid, the TE position seems really solid. To think that it is just a matter of time before Ballard comes back, it is a great turn around to think about for the TE situation.

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    Re: Adrian Robinson Video

    another big potential player JR unearthed.

    I remember that first highlight clip, it was ESPNS top play for a while

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    Re: Adrian Robinson Video

    [quote user="giantsfan420"]another big potential player JR unearthed.

    I remember that first highlight clip, it was ESPNS top play for a while[/quote]

    And JR really likes him:

    Q: What do you mean when you said Robinson was the
    JPP of tight ends?

    A: He is just a big, gigantic man with long arms. And he is
    really a good athlete. This guy is almost 6-5, 270 pounds. He ran
    4.57. He has got those freakish athletic numbers. He hasn’t
    scratched the surface with respect – like JPP. When we got Jason we said,
    “This guy hasn’t scratched the surface.” And Jason still has a lot of
    learning to do – continuing to grow. This kid hasn’t scratched the
    surface yet. He has a chance to be really something, we think.


    I also noticed that he's almost as tall as Gronkowski (6' 6"), slightly heavier and had a better run time than Gronk (4.68)

    Really looking forward to seeing what happens with Robinson.

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    Re: Adrian Robinson Video

    Sounds like the most intriguing pick of our draft. Very excited by Robinson, plus the FO is already gushing about his blocking ability.

    I'm very happy with our depth at TE. And we'll have Ballard back next year.

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    Re: Adrian Robinson Video

    I like our coaching staff a lot, but it seems like "project" players haven't worked out well at other positions. Coach Pope however, should be able to turn Robinson into a beast.

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