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[quote user="Kruunch"][quote user="juice33s"][quote user="Kruunch"]Adrien Robinson was the only pick that really had me scratching my head. I would have picked up George Iloka (instead of Janzen Jackson as a UDFA and grabbed Robinson as a UDFA instead).

Otherwise the whole draft, value wise was a home run by and large.

Now to see if they actually get that value out of them.
Lol, u have so little faith in the Giants management that you think they picked an UDFA in the 4th round?.....after his pro day I heard a number of NFL people calling him a mid round pick

"Faith" has nothing to do with it. It is what it is.

And no TE has a mid-round grade that has a total of 12 receptions in his senior year (29 receptions in 4 years of college I might add).

I look at draft grades from multiple sources just like everyone else. The highest grade I've found on him was as a possible 7th rounder.

Adrien Robinson is the definition of a reach since the probability was that he wasn't going to be drafted.

I mean this kid would have been a reach in the 6th round lol.[/quote]

While I completely agree with you, Reese does this every once in a while.

Look at Jaquain Williams, I think its very possible if not likely he goes undrafted if we dont pick him in the 5th. Few knew who he was. Analysts were stumped. Yet we picked him the 5th. We spent a 6th rounder on Adrian Tracy, another guy who very well could have gone undrafted. Reese doesnt mind swinging for the fences on kids he likes. If the reports are true about this kids pro day numbers then he is the best athlete at the TE position in the draft, on top of that, he is an actual end like blocking TE, something rare in college football these days.[/QUOTE] I dissagree about Tracy.. As Redeye can atest to, he was a guy i was hoping for in the 6th rd when we picked.. I expected em to go in the late 5th rd range, somewhere around when Arthur Moats went, who was another small school kid who u probably would of had up here as a guy jerry reached for had we picked em, but in reality, both were real prospects who most generally had getting picked before RD 7.. Tracy was ridiculous small school prospect with a non stop motor, relentless stats, and on top of that, he was like really really bright, if i recall.. Not to mention, built like a OX..

Jaquain Williams was also diffrent then Robinson, because Williams produced at S.FLA.. He wasen't just a guy who was thrown in there because of his combine numbers.. Like i said right after researching him that day we drafted em, "i could see this kid going in the 2nd rd if he stayed at S.FLA for another yr and his numbers increased a tad like most prospects do yr to yr"... And we took em at the end of RD 6, which is generally when u start reaching for guys anyways.. I doubted Adrien Robinson then, and i still doubt em.. I would be shocked if he had any kinda significant role on this team down the line, all though i'd been wrong before...