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Thread: The Draft

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    The Draft

    Simply put, the idea is you draft for Best Player Available and/ or Need

    I am a little sketchy on the 2 tackles we got, but overall this Draft was what we come to know as a "Typical JR Draft."

    BPA and Need

    RB, WR, CB were needs

    T, TE were needs

    why all the hate or whining from some of us?

    this dude compliments Reese and I concur.


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    Re: The Draft

    [quote user="giantyankee1976"]...

    why all the hate or whining from some of us?
    It's the culture of this message board and it will never change. It doesn't matter how many winning seasons or Super Bowl championships we have. I don't see anything like it on any other team's MB.


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