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    Supplemental Draft

    What would you say to a 4th round pick for WR Josh Gordon. Kid had 1st round written all over him until his off field issues got the best of him. 6'4'' 230lbs 4.4 40yrd.

    Get him in a high character lockerroom and his potential can flourish. Give him a few years developing behind one of the best WR corps in the NFL.

    In 2-4 years we are ganna need another top notch WR. I think RR is ganna be the Rookie of the year candidate and will be a legit #1 in his Career. So the chances of the NYG Retaining Nicks/Cruz/Randal all long term is slim to non on monitary issue alone.


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    Re: Supplemental Draft

    I don't really have anything poignant to say other than this guy gives me the heeby jeebies or a bad vibe. He's been out of football for some time and his offenses weren't exactly minor. I wouldn't trust him in any large city or with a large paycheck...even one that a supplemental guy might pull in.

    Someone will grab him though and it will probably be one of the usual suspects...Raiders, Cowboys or Bengals.

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