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Thread: The 5 %

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    The 5 %

    I had to laugh at the 5%. Granted, the "fan poll" question is a dumb one. "Which should the Giants Draft More? Offense, Defense, or Special teams." No matter which choices you put in a poll question, someone will pick the really dumb one. In this case, 5% thought we should pick mostly special teams. How could anyone think any team should draft more special teams players than either offense or defense??

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    Re: The 5 %

    Not sure - but the truth is many draft picks - and almost all selected after the third round must conrtibute on special in order to make the team. Hell wilson may be a retun man this year and he was our first rounder. So while we didn't draft these guys thinking they would be special teamers alone their contribution to this part of the game is vital for the team and their survival.

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