David Wilson - Starting RB, 1,000 yard rusher.. Borderline Pro-Bowler

Ruben Randle - Honestly, this kid might be the number one target for Eli and soon. His game is smooth like Reggie Wayne or Andre Johnson.

Jayron Hosley - IMO, he will be solid. Not a piece that will remain with the team for an extended period of time. I say he gives us above average play at his position, but due to Salary, Prince and future CB's he will go elsewhere after his contract is up.

Adrien Robinson - if he is willing to learn, then he could be a Shiancoe/Kellen Winslow type player.. Without the headaches. If he isn't willing/able, gone. Toss up!

Brandon Mosley - really like this kids play and I think he will be a Giant for a longtime.

Matt McCants - ehhh. I love his upside and freakishly long frame. My gut tells me that he is going to be a Guy Whimper player, but with a shorter tenure.

Markus Kuhn - no real guess on him. He will be on the roster for two season, IMO.

Any other thoughts?