Look i have said it time and time again and until proven wrong i will continue to say it. so bookmark this if you want so you can have me eat my crow at the end of the season, i will do it willingly with some BBQ and hot sauce... i'm West-Indian i love BBQ sauce.

I am not sold on Bennett and i have no clue where to begin with Robinson, i actually have hope for the kid i didn't mind the pick it was a sigh of relief actually that TE was finally addressed in some way.

i honestly believe that with a play making tight end this Offense can take the next step in being a juggernaut. think back to how great shockey was pre diva. now take that shockey and pair him with the Eli of last year. Man!!!
i compare it to witten and romo. romo stats only look so good most of the time cause witten gets that ridiculous YAC. witten is a tough son of a ***** that's a consistent 750yd+ TE with 41 TD's in 9 seasons. COME ON MAN!!! we need a guy like that and stop with this utilize the TE position up until two years ago we were a run first team now were amongst the best passing the ball, times changing we need to upgrade in the first couple picks of 2013 draft.

with that said...

Tyler Eifert, Notre Dame, 6-6/251- 4.70/40
?good hands/ uses body to keep ball away from corners can jump ball with them too, burns line backers. mediocre burst off line, but good progressive speed, can get more consistent with his blocking ability shows flashes of goodness. he's my number 1 so far

Jake Stoneburner, Ohio State, 6-5/245 - 4.71/40?

[link]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xzm2ZpGDTmY[/link] Look at 1:37 LMFAO
This kid can Block very good and he can get open in his route and make good catches. can add 5-10 pounds on his frame to make the transition to the pro's but even at 245 he pushing D-linemen back.

Philip Lutzenkirchen, Auburn, 6-5/250 - 4.70/40

My eyes are going to be glued to this kid upcoming collegiate season

Michael Williams, Alabama 6-6/270 - 4.77/40

With that height and size and speed i am definitely intrigued, i also read that he great blocker than helped the tides running game flourish, had 8 catches for 100 yards and a TD last season that's a 12.5 yd avg pretty good if u ask me. can't wait to see what he does this year

Zach Ertz, Stanford, 6-6/249?
Verdict is still out on this kid, hes rated as the 2nd best TE, but i haven't seen that to say he is. played behind fleener so we will see this year what he can do.

let me know if i missed anyone GMB draft CG's ( couch gurus )