[quote user="Ntegrase96"]True. I remember watching Cruz in the preseason of 2010 and thinking he was a pretty good find. Didn't know that he got injured.

Austin took more time to develop and relies much more on tact than Cruz who seems to have more moxie.

Which kind of goes hand and hand with why he wasn't a big factor before 2009. I mean, the guy was behind Terrell Owens, Terry Glenn, and reliable Patrick Crayton, and was much more of a project receiver-- like I said, he relies on what he's learned rather than what he possessed already. Austin, too suffered a lower leg injury in the presason of 2008, when he looked like he was becoming a monster.

I like Austin because he's a good story and a Cowboy, so I'll stick up for him a little with 'reproducing his 2009 season'--

Miles Austin's game relies on Tony Romo. Their timing and rapport is what makes Austin dangerous. And in 2010, Austin had 3 140+ yard games before Romo went down for the season in the 6th game of the season. In 2011, Austin had injury problems, but had a strong showing early against two great defensive teams in NYJ and SF. (233 yards and 4 TDs)... then the hamstring issues started late against San Fran in week 2.

I really don't doubt that Austin can replicate his 2009 season. He and Romo just need to be healthy to do it.

And as far as the dancing goes, Austin's almost dunk, and circle around the FG post was much better than anything Cruz has ever done... not really, but that's all I got.[/quote]

Don't get me wrong. I think Miles is a very dangerous receiver. (I fear him more than Dez, truth be told).

But your question concerned comparing a different season for each player, and I believe Cruz comes out a bit ahead. We'll see how their careers pan out. Two very good-to-great receivers, in a wide receiver-rich division.