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    No love for chase

    After reading the comments regarding. Hase being named starting MLB I just don't get how most of you are pissed at him being named starter ..... He came in the middle of the season and did a great job....was very pierce like .... Greg jones wasn't gettin it done .... Herzlich was decent ..... I would love to see one of the youngins but I'm fine with chase

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    Re: No love for chase

    "...two minute drill at the end of each quarter, Ya'know with the wind like this blowing mooch and marshall into the ocean...If that's behind me I think were getting 3 from 70 so holla at your boy. IF YOU DON"T PICK ME THAT'S A JOKE RIGHT?" - Justin Tucker, Ravens kicker

    Complain?, ain't Nobody got time for dat!


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    Re: No love for chase

    Chase is fine, is descent against the run and has improved in his passing D. I think he is a great backup. I think Fewell said it best, we may need to redefine what a Mike is in the NFL. Means they need to do some analysis.

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