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McCoy is a great back in their system where the WR open the field up deep and Vick keeps defenses focused on him but if he was a feature back I don't think he would cut it. He'd be like Bush either not a feature back on a winning team or a feature back on a losing team like he was this year.[/quote]Horribly inaccurate assessment.

LeSean McCoy has elite short area quickness, vision, cut back ability, long speed, intermediate speed, elusiveness, and agility. He'd be successful in any system. McCoy doesn't benefit from others on that team, others benefit from McCoy.[/quote]

It's not all that inaccurate, he absolutly benfits from the system they run...d-jack and Mac stretching the field makes him much more dangerous...I agree he has elite quickness but that was not a bad assessment at all from JPP.[/quote]It absolutely is.

McCoy is the biggest threat on that offense, and contrary to what JPP said, he is most certainly features -- and has excelled. McCoy would be featured anywhere in the league.

Nothing JPP said was accurate. McCoy is the biggest threat on that offense, if you deny that McCoy opens that offense up, than there is not one player in the league who does open an offense up. Even Perry Fewell has called McCoy the biggest threat on that offense, when asked about how he would defend other players.

Saying McCoy benefits from that system would be like saying Hakeem Nicks benefited last year from Brandon Jacobs. You're either going to view that comment as asinine, or obvious, and either way, you're right.