[quote user="Sarcasman"][quote user="buffyblue"][quote user="Bread"][quote user="SweetZombieJesus"][quote user="NYgiants141"][quote user="SweetZombieJesus"]A long time ago I did a thread on what hadn't been invented yet, how much a new car cost, etc, but it's been 2-3 years it's long gone.

PLEASE FIND/REDO IT! would be greatly appreciated!

I can't find it on our MB but here's its sister on the Eagles mb:


And I apologize to Bread in advance, he's a cool guy and does not deserve what I did over there...

You're a Giants fan and a division rival so you talking smack is acceptable.

However, random Texans fans who have the same amount of rings as we do and has many less championships from a city vs city perspective is not.

This guy is on the EMB as well. Flamethrower, are you a Cowboys fan in disguise?[/quote]

Flamethrower is an idiot that is too stupid to disguise anything.[/quote]

You can say that again.[/quote]

LMAO the Lakers hahahaha