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They looked good in the Washington game other then that they didnt play well in any other game. I like Notre Dame if they had a better QB they could be a threat. That defense is really good
Ya ND's defense is legit.. I love Prince Shembo and Te'o.. Louis Nix is no joke as a run stuffer as well! I love there offense as well.. They got a great RB trio, that seems to have diffrent strengths that all adl, sd up to a complete back.. They got the scat back type in Theo Rid****, that can catch the ball, split out..etc, they also got the prototypical back in Cierre Wood, who has solid size, and a good overall game, and they got the speedster in George Atkinson.. Thats a nice complete trio of backs, that all bring something diffrent to the table.. They have a solid oline as well, led by Braxston Cave at C.. Cave should get a look by a NFL team... The freshman QB Golson is really making strides as well..