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Guys like Earl Thomas, who is awesome by the way, i didn't care like most, becuase it wasen't obnoxius.. I mean, he weighed over 200lbs and he stood 5ft 10in.. I have no problem with that at all at S or CB, especially when ur a playmaker, and that is ur fortay.. Its not like he was a 200lb kid who specalized in stuffing the run or something.. THen u might worry some, becuse u wonder if he'll hold up..
Ya I agree. I always said with Earl that I needed to see his measurables because there were rumors that he wasnt nearly as big as he came into the combine. Once I saw his wieght, all my hesitations were gone.

With regards to Mathieu, leaving all the character issues aside, his size bothers me more because he never proved he can cover. His position last year was more of a safety. This was the year we were going to see him line up and cover guys and we all know how this year went. I can understand taking a chance on a guy who showed a good skillset and is undersized. But if you combine undersized and unproven in cover skills, that is a huge gamble.