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    Winslow a seahawk

    Not worth a draft pick if you ask me.. Maybe if he hit open market, but i am happy with our squad

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    Re: Winslow a seahawk

    Winslow is a bum, who's gives a **** where he goes....

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    Re: Winslow a seahawk

    Yeah and some how he will stay relevant on this board for at least a week.

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    Re: Winslow a seahawk

    Still shocking that some people would want to spend money on him instead of using that towards Nicks, Cruz and KP

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    Re: Winslow a seahawk

    Did not need him. We do not have the cap space to pay a player like him.

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    Re: Winslow a seahawk

    Is Carlson still there?

    Give it up

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    Re: Winslow a seahawk

    I would not give anything more than a 4th round pick for Carlson.

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    Re: Winslow a seahawk

    [quote user="nygsb42champs"]Did not need him. We do not have the cap space to pay a player like him.[/quote]

    Even if we did have the cap space there was no way he would ever become a Giant...Winslow doesnt block.

    Whens the last time we signed a non blocking TE?


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