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    Brown and Bennett

    per rotoworld:

    The NFL has lifted Giants RB Andre Brown's four-game suspension.
    Brown was accused of violating the league's PED policy, but he only tested positive for Adderall, which he's been using since he came into the league. Brown, 25, used the offseason to gain weight in an effort to become the Giants' "next Brandon Jacobs." He broke in as a 224-pound back, and is up to 240.

    Giants TE Martellus Bennett ballooned from 265 pounds to 291 for the start of OTAs.
    "That's probably a little too big for his legs to carry," quipped TEs coach Mike Pope. It's a hardly a surprise that Bennett is sitting out practices with hamstring issues. Bennett has breakout potential in an offense that has maximized mediocre talents at the position, but he can't afford to miss the reps in a new system. The JaMarcus Russell-sized weight gain will do nothing to quell concerns that football isn't Bennett's top priority.

    Now IMO The Brown weight I'm hoping is muscle which could be a good thing but also slow down his speed.

    The Bennett weight gain KILLS ME! That is pure laziness and fat. I bet he didn't even work out once. here is a great opportunity and your blowing it. Instead of getting invites for Dancing with the Stars your gonna appear on the Biggest Loser. Dumbass!

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    Re: Brown and Bennett

    I read the article on ESPN's site and was a little disappointed in Bennett being so over weight. He has a chance to make something out of his career and he looks like he should be with the defensive tackles in the meeting rooms. I know its early but get your hamstring right as stated in article, and get your big *** in shape, and prove to everyone that you can become a star in the right system, which is ours.

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    Re: Brown and Bennett

    290!?!?!?!? Holy moly.......

    One of the knocks on him was his laziness....let's hope Pope can whip him into shape.

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    Re: Brown and Bennett

    somewhere i hear a Cowboy fan snickering

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    Re: Brown and Bennett

    I believe that I read on someone's elses post that Pope was very unhappy with the tight ends performance.

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    Re: Brown and Bennett

    Jesus. He'll be able to slot in at guard.

    Looks like the criticisms levelled at him were warranted. A shame.

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    Re: Brown and Bennett

    why does Brown want to be so big. he cant even stay healthy at 225. Not a good move IMO.
    Bennet......fat ******* better get his act togther. He wants to step out from behind the 2nd string he better put down the pizza and cake......

    "Measure Twice......Cut Once"
    You couldn't be more full of **** if you were break dancing in a Port-a-Potty.......Kruunch

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    Re: Brown and Bennett

    [quote user="GameTime"]why does Brown want to be so big. he cant even stay healthy at 225. Not a good move IMO.
    Bennet......fat ******* better get his act togther. He wants to step out from behind the 2nd string he better put down the pizza and cake......


    He is doing what is best for the team. Allow him to give it a shot as a big bruiser.

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    Re: Brown and Bennett

    I can see it now. Coach Pope is up at the dry erase board drawing up where he wants the tight-ends to line up and Bennett is sitting in the corner sucking down a meatball sub...probably one Tuck talked him into getting.

    So the blame clearly lies on Tuck.

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    Re: Brown and Bennett

    [quote user="G-Man67"]somewhere i hear a Cowboy fan snickering[/quote]Will see who is laughing in the end
    Football has been very, very good to us.
    After losing seasons 2013-15, the giants put up 11 wins in 16.. they are on way Back
    But for now we can console ourselves with this fact-

    # of Super Bowl victories since 1985:

    1-Chicago, St. Louis, Tampa Bay, Indianapolis, New Orleans, Seattle
    2-Washington, Green Bay, Pittsburgh, Baltimore
    3-San Francisco, Dallas, Denver
    4-New York Giants!!!
    Let's make it 5 in 2016 so we can be on a LINE NE again!!!

    ***Stat provided by "Schloss22"***

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