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Thread: Update Thread

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    Update Thread

    So I have been busy with work the past couple months and haven't been able to catch up with what's new for the Giants other than the draft.

    What are some of the important and exciting developments that have been made since the draft?

    Much appreciated in advance, I figure there are enough guys who have been keeping close tabs on the team who could fill in those of us who haven't had the time we'd like to stay up to date.

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    Re: Update Thread

    Nicks out 6-12 weeks with a broken foot, hoping to be back for the season opener.

    JR and Osi agree to restructure his last year so he makes twice as much, Osi says he's on board and ready to give his all.

    Other than that, minor stuff mostly. Randle impressing at OTAs, Martellus showed up a little overweight, Chad Jones wasn't healthy enough to make the team.

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    Re: Update Thread

    I thought Jones might show something. Glad to hear Randle has been showing his stuff though he will surely have a long way to go...He has great mentors albeit young ones.

    Nicks' injury is deflating, I hope we can get past this 5 year injury bug. We need that guy.

    Martellus should be exciting I think if Eli and him get on the same page that we could take his game to another level.

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