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    Coughlin Era OVER

    thanks for the Super Bowl and the good Sept and Oct record. but the pick and the Td seal it. So who do we want?

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    Re: Coughlin Era OVER

    I believe so.

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    Re: Coughlin Era OVER

    [quote user="elitosmith"]thanks for the Super Bowl and the good Sept and Oct record.* but the pick and the Td seal it.* So who do we want?*[/quote]

    Chunkin dueces at ya Tom. Thanks for the SuperBowl, but good luck to ya in the future.

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    Re: Coughlin Era OVER

    doubt it.

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    Re: Coughlin Era OVER

    Time to clean house....

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    Re: Coughlin Era OVER

    And take half the players with him
    ALL IN!

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    Re: Coughlin Era OVER

    We're not mahimatically out yet....

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    Re: Coughlin Era OVER

    Cowher......I hope Jerry gives him a call after the game

    This team was ill prepared to play tonight............this cover 2 defense is offensive

    I'm going to go root for Tebow

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    Re: Coughlin Era OVER

    Making excuses can only go so far,all the talk about we have to better is over,they should have corrected these things a long time ago.

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