[quote user="FeaglesPuntsEaglesRunts"]Eli is 31, JPP is 24, Tuck is 62 and Nicks is 90.

I expected Eli to be quite a bit higher, maybe top 15. Fans have him ranked at 11.

Cruz hasn't shown up yet, they're in the top 20, my man better be in there somewhere he was on fire last year!

You missed Cruz being named 39 on the list.

My biggest beef, concerning Giants players on this list, is Nicks at 90.

I think Eli at 31 is a dis (but then I'm sure Roethlisburger fans think Ben at 30 is a slap, too), but Nicks 51 slots below Cruz? Seriously?

I, along with every other red-blooded Giants fan, love Cruz and what he brought last year--with his personality, attitude, AND his performance--but for anyone to suggest Nicks is so far below him (or below him at all) is too ridiculous for words.

I'm sure DBs on the Packers, Patriots, Falcons, Cowboys, Eagles, Redskins, Saints--at the very LEAST--would argue this ranking of Nicks.