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    Just watch this highlight reel of Victor Cruz

    As I watched it I thought how this kid had to overcome the doubt that he could make a significant impact since he was undrafted and he was IR'ed (though hastey) the season prior to his breakout 2011 season. He had to force his will to become the clear-cut #2 WR. He victimized so many teams in one season that it is nearly appaulling. This kid is talented but along with that he is instinctive and that is the key. I am thrilled with how strong our passing game looks right now and how quickly he went from zero to hero!

    I know we all had a glimpse of his ability 2 pre-seasons ago but I am sure we all thought "come on!...he was undrafted. what are the chances that we find a diamond in the rough?"...Even still, I find it hard to believe that 2011 wasn't just a fluke but after watching the highlight reel you can tell this kid knows something about himself that nobody else knows.


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    Re: Just watch this highlight reel of Victor Cruz

    awesome. thank u.

    btw, that last highlight, the 2nd td vs philly...is it just me or did mandi get away with a PI? eh...no difference, Cruz still toasted her
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    Re: Just watch this highlight reel of Victor Cruz

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    Re: Just watch this highlight reel of Victor Cruz

    Best Cruz highlight video so far. Love the way they change angles and slo-mo at just the right times. Good music too.
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    Re: Just watch this highlight reel of Victor Cruz

    I prefer this one because of Hector lol. Also the music and video are well synced.


    Actually, just realized he made a 2nd version with the week 17 and postseason added:

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    Re: Just watch this highlight reel of Victor Cruz

    I guess that highlight reel was OK. Would've preffered more plays than just his touchdowns tho

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