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    Any updates on Nicks?

    Just wondering if anyone heard updates on Hakeem Nicks rehab. It's been a couple of weeks and wondering if he was ahead of schedule, behind or on target for the reported 12 weeks.

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    Re: Any updates on Nicks?

    As much as I want to see him back ASAP, I'd rather they hold back until he is 100%. He has come back from all his injuries sooner than expected. I think I counted 15 or 16 weeks from the when he had surgery until the 1st game of the season.

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    Re: Any updates on Nicks?

    I heard a blurb on Sirius NFL radio that Coughlin saw him walking around normally more quickly than TC thought he should be, and Nicks told him the doctors said it was fine. I know that's not much info, but it is all I have heard.

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    Re: Any updates on Nicks?

    He is no longer walking with a boot.

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